I bought an amazing new headlight for my bike. Everyone can see me from miles away and I feel much safer!

What about for running? I’ve run at night, but didn’t think about wearing anything reflective. In hindsight this is probably a good idea. How visable are you guys at night? Anyone own one of these?!:


With Direction

Yesterday was busy, so a brisk walk was all I could muster. Not even time to blog.

Normally my runs take me from home, to home in the name of Juneathon + Marathon training.

But this week I needed to make it to the post office and had a time limit before closing. Instead of jumping on two wheels I relied on my running shoes.

My running turned out to be more than just training.


Running:  So far my greatest fear is not having the motivation to leave the house and start!


Cycling:  Cycling down alongside parked cars and one of the doors suddenly opening in front of you! This happened today. Fortunately there was no incident and it looked like the lady in the car was as frightened as I was as I cried out in horror and a blue door started swinging out towards me!


Wear a helmet!

Look before you open car doors!



Running to music. I haven’t done this yet. Mainly because I don’t own a portable music player on which to listen to those motivating beats!

I thought maybe a god audio book might be a viable alternative. You are ‘on the edge of your seat’ as another twist to the tale approaches and then before you know the run is over a you have clocked up a fair few miles!

Or how about learning a language? During Juneathon you could prepare for your Summer holiday, getting the most from market, for example, or a handy chat-up line or two!

I also see cyclists with headphones in. I think this is dangerous. They have removed a vital sense. Cars and pedestrians come from every direction and cyclists with headphones in are putting themselves and others at risk.

On a brighter note, I just received some George Gershwin music in the post in preparation for my trip to the Royal Albert Hall on Friday for Strictly Gershwin!


Here is one fantastic benefit of Juneathon, running, cycling, generally staying active. You can enjoy your food! Lots of lovely food! And pudding!

Solving the dropping cake problem. by Somerville, Philip

Training Partner

I was a little skeptical about running with someone else. Was I fast enough? One in front of the other? Side by side? Would I have enough energy to talk? Do you talk when running?! But, I ran my longest run, in good time and we chatted the whole way round! Amazing!

Whizzing around the park are cyclists training together. Less socialble when your training though. Cycling with friends really works when your are off for an adventure!

So, a running partner for motivation and a long run is recommended. For cycling, plan a day/week away from the city streets and a nice pub to stop at to fuel the adventure!


My commute is by bike at the moment. Rain or shine.

Commuting by running? I don’t think I could do it. I reckon work is too far away anyway. Even if it were closer, you would have to carry all you work things and certainly need a shower at the other end and be exhausted!

So, hats off to anyone out there who does commute by running!